Magical Connections

This website is a gift to say thank-you to all the teachers, principals and parent groups that have hired me to share one of my school assembly programs. Without all of you I would
not have the opportunity that I do to be a magical educator that makes learning fun and interactive.

While every thing on this website is FREE with no expectation of financial backing, I would love to ask a favor if you find this resource valuable. Since I make my living by sharing school assembly programs would you consider printing off the PDF below and share it with your Principal and Parent group to consider hiring me as a resource for your school.

I cover the following subjects:

Conflict Resolution
Reading Motivation (3 separate shows)
Character Development
Personal Safety
Math Appreciation
National Pride
Drug Awareness


To download a PDF with my contact information...
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I know that funding is often a concern for schools and because of that concern I put together a special report called TOP SECRET Funding. In this report I share ways to cut the cost of in-house assembly programs or in some cases eliminating all costs! So go ahead and download this FREE report as well...

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Finally, it is hard to be 100% confident that a presenter is the best fit for you and your organization. Wouldn't it be nice to have a list of questions to ask to make sure the presenter is worth the cost? Well, it just so happens I have those questions laid out in a simple one page document that you can have and keep by your phone when talking to potential event vendors! Just click the button below and it's yours for.....FREE!!
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